Tiger Care

E.R. Dickson Tiger Care Extended Day Program

Information for 2022-2023

Tiger Care is E. R. Dickson’s extended day care program for registered and paid students.

Morning Tiger Care meets in cafeteria.  Morning care begins at 6:30 A.M.  ALL registered morning care students must be escorted to the school cafeteria and signed in by an adult no later than 7:00 A.M. each day.  

Afternoon Tiger Care meets in the gym after dismissal and ends at 5:30 P.M.  Students are given a snack before breaking into groups based primarily on age.  The groups rotate between the gym and the playground (outside). Rotations may change based on availability of the gym, weather conditions, etc. Students are picked up from the gym and must be signed out by a parent/guardian or other adult designated on the registration form by the parent/guardian.  ID must be shown when picking up students.  In the event the gym is being used, pick up will be in the school cafeteria.  Notices will be posted when this applies. 

To avoid late pick-up fees, students must be picked up and signed out no later than 5:30 P.M. by a parent/guardian or other adult that is listed by the parent/guardian for pick up.  Please be prepared to present your ID at pick up, and inform other adults authorized to pick up your child to have their ID ready as well. 

TIGER CARE IS NOT A DROP IN AS NEEDED PROGRAM. Students may only attend Tiger Care if they are registered and have fees paid. If you need occasional after school care (a day now and then), please check on a drop in program.  We do not offer this service. Our participants must be registered for the program.  Once students are registered, regular attendance and payment are expected. 

Tiger Care Payments & Fees - There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50 for each child.  Morning only attendance is $25 weekly, and afternoon only attendance is $65 weekly (2nd child $55).  Morning and afternoon attendance combined are $90 weekly (2nd child $80).   

Full payment is due even when a single holiday falls during the school week (i.e. Labor Day, Veterans Day, school closing, etc.).  If payments are prorated for some reason, parents will be notified.  Otherwise, full payment is always expected. 

- No Tiger Care payments will be accepted at the front desk.

- No Tiger Care payments will be accepted by teachers in the classroom.

ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE ON MONDAY  (or the first day of the school week when school is out on Monday).  Payments not made on Monday must include a $10 late fee per child.  The $10 late payment fee must be included with the late payment in order for your child to continue attending Tiger Care.  If an account is unpaid (including late fees), students will not be permitted to attend the Tiger Care Program until the account is made current.

Payments will need to be made each Monday or paid in advance for the week.  Payments should be in the form of a check or money order (no cash), made out to E. R. Dickson Elementary, and enclosed in an envelope labeled Tiger Care with your child’s first and last name and the dates for which you are paying.  If paying by check, please make sure you include two current phone numbers on the check.   Checks without telephone numbers will be returned.  Returned checks are handled by an outside company, so you will be contacted by them for collection if your check is returned.

Payments may be made to the Tiger Care worker on Monday mornings between 6:30 A.M. and 7:15 A.M.

Payments may be made to the Tiger Care workers on Monday evenings between 3:15 P.M. and 5:30 P.M.

Tiger Care Rules, Behavior, & Dismissal from Program- Refusing to follow directions or obey the adults in charge is prohibited.    All students are expected to adhere to all rules established to ensure the safety and success of the program.  Any student not obeying program rules or exhibiting inappropriate behavior is subject to dismissal from the program.                                          

Thank you for choosing E.R.D.Tiger Care.