School Information

School Hours

Take In Time: 7:15 AM

Breakfast in the Classroom: 7:15 AM - 7:45 AM

First Bell: 7:45 AM

Tardy Bell and Announcements: 7:45 AM


Announcements: 2:35 PM

Dismissal Time: 2:35 PM

  • Van Riders and Walkers: 2:35 PM
  • Bus Riders: 2:40 PM
  • Car Riders: 2:45 PM


Main Telephone Line: 251-221-1180



Ms. Rebecca Murray

Phone: 251-221-1180

Uniform Information

Top: Girls

  • Short or longed sleeved hunter green or navy blue polo shirts.
  • Short or long sleeved white Peter Pan collared blouses.
  • Undershirts must be solid white.

Bottom: Girls

  • Khaki pants,
  • Khaki knee length shorts,
  • khaki skirts,
  • Khaki jumper;
  • Plaid #45 jumper;
  • Plaid #45 skirt

Top: Boys

  • Short or longed sleeved hunter green or navy blue polo shirts.
  • Undershirts must be solid white. 

Bottom: Boys

  • Khaki pants/slacks
  • Khaki knee length shorts


  • Solid black or solid brown
  • belts required.

Socks: Girls

  • White or black socks
  • White or black footed tights
  • (NO ankle length or cropped tights)

Socks: Boys

White or black socks


  • SOLID black 
  • SOLID white athletic shoes.
  • NO lighted, glittered, or themed shoes.
  • NO Mary Jane shoes or slip on type shoes.
  • NO boots

Outerwear: Male/Female

  • Solid hunter green, black, gray, navy blue, white:
  • Cardigan sweater,
  • Windbreaker, Sweatshirt,
  • Fleece (May be purchased through PTA)
  • Absolutely NO outerwear with writing. (Solid Only)
  • Heavy outerwear coats, scarf, hats and gloves may be worn on cold weather days, but MUST BE REMOVED once inside building.


Additional Notes


Prohibited Items:

  • No capri or cropped pants
  • No corduroy or denim fabric
  • No bell bottomed pants
  • No saggy or oversized pants
  • No low rider pants or studded
  • No unsafe or distracting jewelry
  • No headwear inside building
  • No hair carving(s)
  • No rolling book bags
  • E.R. Dickson Spirit Shirts may be worn on FRIDAYS ONLY.

School uniforms are designed to be modestly worn.

  • Dresses, jumpers, skirts, skorts, shorts, pants, and slacks are to be worn at the natural waist line.
  • Please avoid clothing items that are too tight and/or too short.
  • Please measure all skirts, skorts, jumpers, and shorts according to finger tip length while hands are down by your side.
  • All clothing is to be neat and clean with no obvious holes.
  • Uniforms in schools were designed to help with school safety, discipline, increase a sense of belonging and school pride.
  • Let's make sure each of us set a great example and abide by the uniform guidelines that have been set in place.
  • NON UNIFORM OUTERWEAR must be removed once the student enters the building.