E.R. Dickson Media Center


Kathryn Pratt

Paula Singletary

Phone: (251) 221-1182


Welcome to the E.R. Dickson Media Center website!

Hours:  8:00 - 2:45

E.R. Dickson Media Center assists the students in developing their research skills, technology skills, and reading skills to make life long learners.




E.R. Dickson Media Center assists the classroom teacher on enhancing students' reading skills.  We do this through a web-based program called Renaissance.  We use the iReady Diagnostic Test to levelize each student and set goals for our students.  The 3 goals each child is trying to achieve are the percent correct goal, a point goal, and a book level goal.  Every child has an 90% or better percent correct goal.  The point goal and book level goal are individualized based on the students' reading level.  You can access your child's goal through Renaissance Home Connect at https://hosted240.renlearn.com/79853/HomeConnect/Login.aspx. You will need your child's 10 digit state id number for login and their password.


E.R. Dickson Media Center works with the classroom teacher to provide project-based instruction in the use of Atlases, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, the Internet, and any other research materials needed to complete classroom assignments and personal interest research.


E.R. Dickson Media Center provides computers and instruction in the use of technology.  We provide instruction in the use of Renaissance AR, Big Universe, Discovery Education, and the Alabama Virtual Library.  Assistance is also provided for students electing to use Internet search engines for locating information. Instruction is also provided on teaching the students the use of the Electronic Card Catalog system.


Alabama Virtual Library
The Alabama Virtual Library provides vital library resources to all citizens of Alabama, including students, teachers, and anyone living in the state of Alabama. It provides magazines, journals, and newspapers for research. Encyclopedias are also available. Check out all of the wonderful resources that are provided to you because you live in this wonderful state. Our representatives believe that every citizen in Alabama deserves to have as much knowledge as they want regardless of their location in the state or their age. Please check out the AVL and thank your representative today.

Destiny Library Catalog
The Destiny Library Catalog allows students to search the books housed in the media center.  It also provides research links for items students are researching.  Students can also check to see what items they have checked out from the media center.  Students are able to login using their MCPSS user name and password.

Big Universe
Big Universe provides of 5,000 ebooks by over 27 different publishers with unlimited 24/7 access from any device.

Student access:

K-2 students: 

  • User name - State ID Number (Students know this number as their Accelerated Reader number.)                         
  • Password - Student initials and birth year (Ex. cp2006)
  • Group User name - MCPSS

3-5 students: 

  • User name - MCPSS provided user name
  • Password - MCPSS provided password
  • Group User name - MCPSS

If your student has problem accessing this site, please send a note to the media center OR contact Ms. Pratt via the email.

AR Book Finder
AR Book Finder can assist you in locating books on your reading level from anywhere including the public library or the bookstore.

AR Home Connect
Check your Accelerated Reader progress from home.

Renaissance Learning
These parent resources explains the Accelerated Reader program, the STAR testing program, and AR Home Connect.