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The goal of the technology program at E.R. Dickson Elementary is to provide students and teachers with the necessary technologies and support to promote self-directed 21st century learning through collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

In our efforts to reach this goal, E.R. Dickson Elementary implements a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. The use of technology provides some unique learning experiences that are unavailable through traditional teaching methods. Mobile technologies provide affordances to learners such as the ability to communicate and collaborate over distances through blogging, social networking, and digital learning environments, a large library of ebooks for reading on the go, and promote critical thinking and creativity through knowledge sources such as video clips, blogs, websites, wikis and educational applications. Mobile devices are a way of life for adults and children alike and we hope to promote responsible and educational use of these devices. The following guidelines will outline the approved devices, device management, user agreement, consequences for guideline violations, and possible uses of these devices..

Approved Devices

Only the following devices are approved as a BYOD device:


o iPad 1, 2, 3, Mini
o Kindle Fire, Fire HD
o Android Versions 2.3 - higher
o Windows 8

○ Windows XP, 7, 8
○ Apple OSX

Device Management

The following are guidelines for the management of personal devices:

1 It is the responsibility of the user (student) to maintain proper care of their device. Any damage that occurs to the device will not be the responsibility of the school or school system.

2 Devices must be charged at home before coming to school. Teachers and school staff are not responsible for charging devices.

3 Students must already be familiar with their device before bringing it to school, including powering the device on and off, setting it on silent mode, accessing wifi settings, and accessing the internet browser.

4 Teachers and staff will not be responsible for training students to use a personal device.

5 Devices should have some sort of protective covering to avoid damage if dropped. (i.e. laptop case, Otterbox, etc.)

6 Devices must remain powered off in the classroom unless otherwise directed by the teacher during acceptable use times.

7 E.R. Dickson Elementary and Mobile County Public Schools are not responsible for the purchase of paid applications for personal devices.

Consequences for Violations

● Restriction of device usage or activity (teacher discretion)
● Parent/teacher/student conference
● Serious violations will be subject to the MCPSS discipline policy

Possible Uses in the Classroom

The following are sample ideas of how an electronic device may be used in a classroom:
● Research
● Blogging
● Wikis
● Document creation/editing
● Calculator
● Taking notes
● Vocabulary development
● Maps
● Cameras (instructional purposes only)
● Project enhancement
● Planner/Calendar
● Polling
● Online learning environments (Edmodo, Moodle)
● Paperless instruction activities (writing over PDF files)
● Student portfolios

User Agreement

The approved devices in the BYOD program are intended to be a tool for use to enhance each student's educational experience, these devices are not toys and will not be used as such.

1. I understand that as a digital citizen, I must protect my personal information, obey copyright laws, and show respect to others.

2. I will not post offensive or inappropriate material to the web.

3. I understand that my device may not contain offensive photos, websites, or violent/inappropriate applications.

4. I understand that I may not send text messages to other devices, watch unapproved YouTube videos, access FaceBook or Twitter, or search inappropriate websites.

5. I understand that a mobile device is not a toy, but a tool to help be become a self-directed 21st Century learner.

6. I understand that my school and school system are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

7. I understand that my device should remain powered off and kept put away until my teacher gives permission to use it.

8. I understand that using a mobile device at school is a privilege, not a right, and I can lose device usage privileges PERMANENTLY.


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