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Box Tops for Education! Save those Box Tops for an OUT OF UNIFORM DAY!
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Monday, August 27, 2012
You can make a difference for our school with Box Tops!

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 Box Tops for Education

Out of Uniform Day


E.R. Dickson's PTA is proud to announce the Box Tops for Education Our of Uniform Day.  Students who turn in 50 valid Box Tops coupons on a collection sheet will be given a pass for a head to toe out of uniform day!  So pick out your favorite outfit and start collecting Box Tops!

Please tape your 50 valid Box Tops Coupons to a collection sheet (or any sheet of paper) and turn them in to your teacher by February 22, 2103.  Only students who turn in completed collection sheets by the deadline will qualify for the Out of Uniform Day pass.

Only Box Tops Coupons turned in during a collection period will count towards the Box Tops reward for that collection period.  Insufficient Box Tops Coupons will not be rolled over to the following collection period or school year.  If you do not wish to participate in the Box Tops Out of Uniform Day but would still like to support the PTA, you may still turn in Box Tops Coupons throughout the school year in any amount.  Donated Box Tops Coupons are always accepted and appreciated.



  • We only accept Box Tops Coupons and Bonus Box Tops Coupons. 
  • Box Tops Coupons must have expiration dates that will not expire before March 1, 2013. 
  • Box Tops must be neatly attached to a collection sheet. (Tape works best). 
  • Please attach Bonus Box Tops Coupons to the bottom of the collection sheet. 
  • Damaged Box Tops Coupons will not be accepted.








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