Class Rules, Field Trips, Snack, Etc.


 Did you know that your child is required to read each night?

Reading helps make strong readers stronger, and it helps weaker readers become strong readers.  The best way to improve reading ability is to read.

Each student is expected to read at least 20 minutes each night.   On most nights, students are allowed to read material of their choice.  However, occasionally students will be given or assigned specific items to read.   Classroom quizzes may be given on the assigned reading materials.  On nights designated by the teacher,  the students must also respond to their reading by writing a short paragraph. 


 Our Classroom Rules

1. I will practice self-control.
2. I will use kind words.
3. I will treat others with respect.
4. I will respect my property and the property of others.
5. I will obey school safety rules.



Field Trips

Currently Planned Field Trips

                The fifth grade teachers are planning several interesting and educational field trips for this school year.  Specific information about these trips will be shared when dates, costs, etc. have been confirmed.

All permission slips and field trip money must be received by the announced deadlines and times.  No exceptions will be made. 

A blank field trip form is available in the file manager area.  If your child has lost his or her field trip form for any field trip, please download a blank copy and complete it.


Snacks - Ms. Jiles' class has snack time each day.   Students may bring a snack from home(no candy) or or purchase a snack from the school store before coming to class. Students who are tardy will not have an opportunity to purchase a snack. 

Birthday Treats - Parents may send a healthy birthday treat to celebrate their child's birthday.  These treats will be shared with the class during the regularly scheduled snack time.  Ms. Jiles must be notified in advance if you would like to exercise this privilege.  Items that must be refrigerated, heated, cut-up, or prepared in any way are not permitted.  When sending treats, please send enough for 23 students and provide napkins for clean-up and eating utensils if needed.


Fifth grade is divided into three instructional teams, and your child will be taught by  Ms. Jiles and Ms. Bright.  The subjects taught by each teacher are as follows:



Ms. Bright

 Math, Science, Social Studies

Ms. T. Jiles

Reading, Lang. Arts(English, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting)


Daily Reading, Books, & Reading Logs

We will require individual silent reading every day during the literacy block.  Please be sure that your child maintains books for recreational reading. 

Each teacher has been and continues to build his or her classroom library so that students will have a variety of titles, authors, and genres to choose from for independent reading.  The books in these classroom libraries are to be treated with the same care as books borrowed from any other library.  Students who damage or lose books will be assessed a replacement fee.  Please speak with your child about the importance of caring for all books used at school.

Lunch Schedule & Visits

                Ms. Jiles's class has lunch from 10:55 - 11:20.  You are welcome to come and dine with your child at this time.          

P.E. Schedule

Ms. Jiles's class goes to P.E.  from 1:30 to 2:15 .  There is an alternate P.E. time on Thurdays, 1:30 - 2:30, as designated by administration.

Homework and Planners

        We believe homework is important because it is a valuable tool in helping students make the most of their experience in school.  Homework helps reinforce what has been learned in class, increases understanding and retention, prepares students for upcoming lessons, teaches responsibility, and helps students develop positive study habits.

            Homework is generally given Monday through Thursday, but may occassionally be assigned on Fridays when needed.  It is checked the next day that your child returns to class.  Failure to complete homework assignments will seriously affect learning outcomes planned by the teacher, may result in the loss of privileges for students, and will lower your child's work study grade.

            Your child will be expected to keep a homework/assignment planner.  This planner is provided by the school.  Students are expected to write down all homework assignments, projects, and tests in their planners. 

Absences & Missed Work

            Successful completion of the fifth grade is more likely with regular attendance.  We know that some absences are necessary and excused (i.e. sickness, court, immediate family deaths, etc.).  We encourage you to prevent other absences by planning family outings and vacations so that they coincide with school holidays.

            In accordance with Mobile County Public School policy, students may make up work if they have excused absences.  When your child returns to school following an absence, he or she should ask the teacher about any assignments and/or lessons that he or she missed. 


            In addition to the Student Code of Conduct published by Mobile County Public Schools and the E. R. Dickson Discipline Plan, 5th grade uses behavior monitoring charts.  Because these charts impact  the students’ participation in all end of the year activities and honor roll status***, they have proven effective in modifying minor behavioral difficulties without resorting to formal discipline forms.   More serious infractions will be documented on the discipline form and supplemented in many cases by a telephone call from the teacher.



Partnership Conferences

                A partnership conference with teacher, parent, and child is required for each child.  A letter with scheduling information for these conferences will be sent home soon.  Please respond to this letter as quickly as possible and return it.  A conference date and time will be returned to you based on the information you provide on the letter.

General Conferences

            Parent-Teacher conferences will be required for students who have consistent problems completing assignments, preparing for tests, or behaving in school.  Parents/Guardians may request a conference with any fifth grade teacher to discuss concerns by calling the school at 221-1180 and leaving a message or by sending a note directly to the specific teacher involved.  Teachers are generally available during their planning period (student P.E. time).

Field Trips

                We are planning several interesting and educational field trips for this school year.  Specific information about these trips will be shared when dates, costs, etc. have been confirmed.

All permission slips and field trip money must be received by the announced deadlines and times.  No exceptions will be made.

Progress Reports

                Progress reports will be sent home throughout the year.  These reports will need to be signed and returned.  Work folders are available for you to review at your request  but are not sent home.  Please contact your child’s teacher to set up an appointment.