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Class Rules, Field Trips, Snack, Etc.


Rules, Consequences, and Rewards

5th Grade Classroom Rules

1.             Be prepared and responsible.

2.            Listen and follow directions.

3.            Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

4.            Speak at appropriate times, using kind words.

5.            Treat others the way you want to be treated.

5th Grade Classroom Consequences

1.             Verbal warning

2.            Marks on clipboard

3.            Teacher/Student conference

4.            Note home and/or call to parent/guardian

5.            Formal Discipline form

Some infractions, such as hitting, because of their seriousness and threat to safety, will immediately result in a discipline form.


5th Grade Classroom Rewards/Incentives

1.             Verbal Praise/Recognition

2.            Good News Note/Call to Parents

3.            Special Activity/Privileges

4.            Prizes

Field Trips

                We are planning several interesting and educational field trips for this school year. Specific information about these trips will be shared when dates, costs, etc. have been confirmed. All permission slips and field trip money must be received by the announced deadlines and times. No exceptions will be made.

Snacks & Ice Cream

            Our classes will have a working snack time when time permits. Students are not allowed to have candy, carbonated beverages, or large bags/packages for snack. Please send individual size snacks or put individual quantities in a sandwich bag. Due to food restrictions that some students may have, students will not be allowed to share snacks. Ice cream will be sold on Fridays for $1.00 per item. Tardy students will not be allowed to order ice cream. Also, students who order ice cream and get an early dismissal will not be able to pick up ice cream early. Students are not permitted to call home for forgotten ice cream money or other items.


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